Psychoco: Psychometric computing


The program overview is also available in a PDF file.


Thursday, February 9

13:00 Welcome
13:10 Patrick Mair Psychometrics in R: A Roundtrip through Latent and Not-so-Latent Variables [abstract] [slides]

Coffee break

14:30 Michela Battauz On Wald Tests for Differential Item Functioning Detection [abstract] [slides]
14:55 Ruggero Bellio Practical Higher-Order Inference on Person Parameters in IRT Models [abstract] [slides]
15:20 David Magis A Modified Graded Response Model to Account for Guessing in Multiple-Choice Items [abstract] [slides]
15:45 Thomas Rusch, Patrick Mair, Kurt Hornik The STOPS Framework for Parameter Selection in Multidimensional Scaling [abstract] [slides]

Coffee break

16:35 Terrence D. Jorgensen Modern Missing-Data Methods Implemented in the R Package semTools [abstract] [slides]
17:00 Ivailo Partchev, Robert Zwitser, Daniel van der Palm, Timo Bechger, Gunter Maris Introducing dexter: An R Package for Managing and Analysing Test Data [abstract]
17:25 Remi Piatek BayesFM - Bayesian Exploratory Factor Analysis [abstract] [slides]
17:50 San Verhavert, Sven De Maeyer, Vincent Donche The Method of Comparative Judgement for Assessment and Research [abstract] [slides]

Dinner (Salm Bräu, Rennweg 8, 1030 Wien)

Friday, February 10

09:00 Rainer Alexandrowicz, Axel Zinkernagel, Tanja Lischetzke, Manfred Schmitt BlenderFace - A Package for Evaluating Rater-Free Video-Based Measurement of Facial Movements [abstract] [slides]
09:25 Patricia Martinkova, Adela Drabinova, Jakub Houdek Interactive and Step by Step Analyses of Test and Item Properties with 'difNLR' and 'ShinyItemAnalysis' [abstract] [slides]
09:50 Don van den Bergh, Francis Tuerlinckx, Stijn Verdonck An R Package for Analyzing Two Choice Reaction Time Data with the D*M Method [abstract] [slides]
10:15 Peter van Rijn More Estimation of Speed-Accuracy Response Models [abstract] [slides]

Coffee break

11:00 Nathan J. Carrol Fixed Effects in Non-Linear Panel Data Models - Reducing the Bias [abstract] [slides]
11:25 Lianne Ippel, Maurits C. Kaptein, Jeroen K. Vermunt Estimating Statistical Models on Data Streams [abstract] [slides]
11:50 Kathrin Gruber, Klaus Miller Breaking News are Worth Paying For? Exogenous Demand Shocks and the Effect of Paywalls on Online Newspaper Readership [abstract] [slides]

Lunch break

13:30 Heidi Seibold, Achim Zeileis, Torsten Hothorn Individual Treatment Effect Prediction Using Model-Based Random Forests [abstract] [slides]
13:55 Marjolein Fokkema pre: An R Package for Deriving Prediction Rule Ensembles [abstract] [slides]
14:20 Michel Philipp, Carolin Strobl, Thomas Rusch, Kurt Hornik, Achim Zeileis Stability Assessment for Trees and Other Supervised Statistical Learning Results [abstract] [slides]
14:45 Stella Bollmann, Rudolf Debelak, Carolin Strobl First Results of a Survey on the Diversity of the R Community [abstract] [slides]

Coffee break

15:30 Jonas Haslbeck Estimating Time-Varying Mixed Graphical Models [abstract] [slides]
15:55 Georg Hosoya Introducing 'ludwig' - A Package for the Statistical Examination of Undirected Binary Networks [abstract] [slides]
16:20 Ravi Selker, Jonathon Love, Damian Dropmann jamovi - A Free Alternative to SPSS That Allows R Developers to Publish Analyses with Rich User Interfaces [abstract] [slides]